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LED Driver, Power Supply and Auxiliary Device

McWong International, Inc. has invested tremendous manpower and resources in recent years to develop and perfect new products. Our R&D team of research and application engineers has successfully leveraged decades of combined experience in power supply design, manufacturing, lamp ballasting and LED light source technology to achieve breakthroughs in performance and reliability. Superior heat dissipation systems, best-in-class robust constant current/voltage high power factor circuit designs, and intelligently controlled wireless communication systems are among the innovations embodied in our high efficiency product line, at all levels.

Product Highlights

  • Constant Current Drivers - 350mA to 7000mA
  • Constant Voltage Power Supplies - 12VDC to 48VDC
  • High Efficiency + Power Factor 
  • AC Universal Input Voltage (90-305VAC)
  • AC High Input Voltage ( 180-528VAC)
  • Dimming Methods: 0-10V Analog
  • Safety Functions:
    • 1500VAC Input-Output Isolation |  500VAC Output Case Isolation
    • Lightning Protection - ANSI/IEEE C62.41 Category B – 10KV/5KA
    • Supplemental surge protection device (external)
  • Standards: (based on product line, may vary across series)
    • FCC Class A / EN60598-1
    • RoHS compliant
    • IEC 60929-Annex-E (Dimming)
    • IEC 61547 (Immunity)
    • IEC CISPR-15 (EMC)
    • IEC 60529 (IP rating)
    • UL1310 Class 2 / UL60950-1 (<100W)
    • UL1012 non-Class 2 (≥100W)
    • UL8750 (LED)
    • UL Type TL and HL, or UL Class P
  • McWong’s MTM series of slimline stepdown auto-transformers (Core & Coil) is designed for use in commercial and industrial lighting applications, typically where the mains power is 480VAC (industrial) or 347VAC (Canada) and the required output is 120-277VAC.
    This product series is optimized for use with universal input (120-277VAC) LED drivers. Rather than placing the stepdown transformer directly inside an LED driver, it is made available as a separate add-on. The key advantage of this is it enables manufacturers to save costs by reducing the total number of LED driver SKU’s.

    McWong’s MTM series of slimline stepdown autotransformers (core & coil) also includes some units designed to step down from 277VAC to 120VAC. This is intended to cover LED drivers that may only be available with dedicated 120V input. Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, the UL insulation system thermal ratings on McWong core & coil auto-transformer units are substantially higher than those of most commercial/industrial LED drivers: 130°C for 30VA and 50VA units and 180°C for all models >= 70VA ratings. All core & coil units in our product listing are UL recognized components for US and Canada unless otherwise specified.

    McWong’s SPD series of surge protectors is designed to provide supplemental surge protection in LED luminaires. Though most LED drivers include basic surge protection, in many outdoor, industrial and commercial applications, SPD’s provide an additional level of protection from dangerous power-line transients. These product line is suitable for indoor and outdoor and most commonly used
    in 24/7 outdoor applications such as street lighting, parking lots, pathway lighting, and LED signage..

    These devices protect Line-Neutral, Line-Ground and Neutral-Ground in accordance with IEEE/ANSI C62.41.2. Our SPD series also provide options for LED status indicator and threaded mount.

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